Wedding Ceremony Services

Should you hire a DJ for your Wedding Ceremony?

Can you find the microphone in the floral bouquetWith the increasing popularity of outdoor weddings (especially in Southern California), more and more couples find themselves facing this question.  The answer, is not quite so simple.  However, if you're having an outdoor wedding, you should be aware of these challenges.  In an outdoor wedding, chances are your guests will not be able to hear you exchange your vows.  Quite simply, sound dissipates rapidly when you're outdoors.  Add ambient noise, such as waves crashing at the beach, trucks driving by on the highwy and more… and the likelyhood that your guests will hear your vow exchange are slim.  This is especially true for larger weddings, over 75 guests. It really is difficult for your guests to sit down for 20, 30, or up to 45 minutes without being able to hear what's going on.  

The solution is simple.  Your DJ may be able to provide an additional sound system to solve this challenge.  Many professional DJ's offer ceremony sound service (often at an additional cost).  This allows your officiant's voice to be heard by all your wedding guests, and it allows you to incorporate live or pre-recorded music as part of your wedding ceremony.  The result is that your guests end up far more engaged and involved sharing your ceremony.  

But it takes more than showing up with a speaker and a microphone to provide professional wedding ceremony services.  A successful ceremony involves careful planning and interaction with your officiant and wedding planner/coordinator (if any).  On certain weddings performers and readers may be involved, adding an additional level of complexity to the scenario.  With AFTERHOURS ENTERTAINMENT you get:

Prior to your wedding

Planning Assistance.  

We help you identify the perfect songs for your ceremony.  

Wedding Rehearsal

You may want to have your DJ present during your rehearsal.  This could help with playing music to establish the proper timing of everyone's entrance.  Your DJ may charge an additional fee for this.

​​On your wedding day


Although it may seem simple, there is much more to setting up a sound system for your wedding ceremony.  The first thing we do is place the speakers in an optimal position to ensure even coverage for all your guests.  

Our Wedding Ceremony packages include some of the most visually appealing setup.  We will make every effort to keep our sound equipment out of sight so you will have beautiful pictures without the cumbersome microphone blocking your face.  Your pictures will come out great.  Not only that, but our ceremony service include (at no additional charge):

  • Officiant Microphone (may be wired or wireless, depending on venue and weather.
  • Input for electric/acoustic instruments – Perfect if you have a friend/loved one performing at your wedding
  • Additional microphones for singers and/or readers
  • Microphones for string quartets and other performers
  • Managing Sound – A qualified sound engineer to manage all inputs and sound levels, to ensure your wedding music is so your microphones, music and instruments are balanced throughout your ceremony
  • Playing pre-recorded music as needed

​​Pre-Processional/Guest Arrival

It is customary to play some soft, smoothing music to settle your guests after their drive.  Some couples choose classical selections, while other choose a more modern approach.  The song selection is strictly up to you and the type of ambiance you want to set up for your guests.

Officiant and Groom's Entrance

In most weddings, the officiant and groom enter without much ado.  However, some couples choose to have a special meaningful song to accompany them as they enter.  Most often, the groom and officiant enter from the side, rather than through the center aisle.

Seating of the Parents

After the groom and officiant have entered, it is usually the parents/grandparents who follow, except for (in most instances) the father of the bride.  Some couples choose to have a different song to accompany the parents/grandparents while they are seated..

Bridal Procession

The bridal procession typically involves the entrance of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl(s), ring bearer/page(s), and ultimately the bride.  There are many different ways to accomplish this and music can enhance the guest experience.

Sand/Unity Candle

Often, after the exchange of vows a symbolic ceremony may be performed by your officiant.  This may be a unity candle, sand ceremony, rose ceremony, or other creative alternatives.  It is not unusual to have music playing during this time.


After your officiant declares you "husband and wife" you will be rushing out of the ceremony, walking down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife.  This is another perfect opportunity to use music so your guests know it's official, and "it's time to party."

Additional Services

  • If you're looking for a professional male or female singer to perform during your wedding, ask about our affordable rates.
  • We offer a simple, battery-powered sound system for beach weddings and venues with limited/no electricity

Be sure to ask about additional services if you have any special requests that are not included in this page.